Tucano's story begins in the hectic market of Milan during the 1980s, when the very air itself seemed full of promise. The city still inspires a desire to create, and every idea seems possible.In the 1980s, the digital revolution was just dawning. This was where Tucano was born. The company looked closely at the rise of personal computing and saw an effectively virgin market. Tucano launched some products for carrying the first portable computer in history: the now-legendary Apple Macintosh Plus, designed by Steve Jobs and his team.


Microsoft released Windows 3.1 in 1992 and the following years saw IT enter our everyday lives. Notebook sales increased exponentially and Tucano was prepared: our collections multiplied, always with new, colourful designs. Such is the case with the High Tense, America, and Young collections, which already included the protection and functionality that remain characteristic features of Tucano’s bags today.


Tucano’s designers continued to work, researching original designs, styles, forms, features, ergonomics and materials. This is when designs like Profilo, the fully accessible bag, and Velo, with its completely original and dynamic design, entered the market.


2010 also saw the launch of Apple’s first iPad, which revolutionised the market once more: the “tablet” form-factor had arrived. Tucano intuited the revolutionary effect of the new device and lost no time in reinventing its product ranges. The first iPad cases were created in record time, includingCornice – distinguished by innovative solutions from our design team, such as the ability to adjust the cover into a multi-position stand for reading, writing, or watching videos.